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Passengers per RMS Zulu to Natal Aug 1873

ARRIVAL OF THE ZULU Natal Mercury August 9 1873


August 8 - Zulu, RMS, 678 tons, Valler, from Table Bay, August 1; Mossel Bay, Aug 4; Algoa Bay, Aug 5; and East London, Aug 6. Cargo general

Mrs Feltham
Mrs Ellis
Mrs WH Piers
Mr and Mrs Lloyd and two servants
Miss Bennett
Mrs Tritton
Mr Cowley
Mr Compton
Mr Grady
Mr D'Montillo
Mr W Collier
Left Cape Town, 1st August at 6 p.m. Light, moderate head wind and foggy.
Arrived at Mossel Bay on the 2nd August, at 11.10 p.m.; on the 4th August, at 1.35, left Mossel Bay; light westerly wind, and hazy, to Algoa Bay, where she arrived on the 5th August, at 1.40 p.m.; left again the same day, at 5.30 p.m.; had moderate head wind to East London, where she anchored at 1.15 p.m., on the 6th August; very heavy southerly swell; left same day at 6.10 p.m.
Escombe and Co., agents.

RMS Zulu passenger list Natal Mercury August 9 1873

This report indicates the time it took a ship to sail from Table Bay to Natal, stopping at small ports in-between and encountering adverse winds and other delaying weather conditions.

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