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Passengers to Natal: the Roman December 1878

The Times of Natal reported in its edition of December 11 1878, the arrival on the 6th of the Union Royal Mail Steamer Roman, of Southampton, 1200 t, Captain Caines RNR, from England and Cape ports with passengers and a general cargo.

Arrival of URMS Roman
 Times of Natal 11 Dec 1878
Troop movements related to the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 are evident. Note that though higher ranks are named, '80 non-commissioned officers' are not. Invisible ancestors. In this instance, their regiment is not given.

From England
Captain the hon. A Campbell
Major Bangeugh and man servant
Capt Cherry
Capt Buller
Capt Mackregor and man servant
Capt Hart
Capt Essex
Capt Gardiner
Capt Barton
Capt Huntley
Capt Bacon
Mr C Bartlett
Mr Schubert
Mr H Granger
Mr A Short
Mr G Bates
Mr E Forster
Mr J Henwood
Mrs S Winter
Mrs S Clarke
Mr W Thomas
Mrs Thomas
Mr W Griffin
Mr G Dykes
Mr W Dykes
Mr W Peach
Mrs Peach
Mr S Peach
Master W Peach
Miss N Peach
Mr A Woodward
Mr J Reed
Mr W Pascoe
Mrs R Window
Miss A Window
Mr D Petrie
Mr J Smith
Mr St Frei
Mr Donald
Messrs Kneebone (3)
Mr Lawn
Mr Davidson
Major Hall
Mr Walker
Mr Gauph
Captain de Burgh
Captain Carrol
Captain Holder
80 non-commissioned officers
3 Zulus
R Baynton, agent.

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