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Passengers to Natal: Nyanza July 1880

The Natal Witness July 15 1880 reported the following:

Arrived: July 12, Nyanza, U.R.M.S., of Southampton, 2128 tons, Ballard RNR, from England and the Cape. Cargo general.

Passengers from England:
Nyanza passengers arrived Natal 12 July 1880
Reported in The Natal Witness 15 July 1880
Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Methley
A Stanley
W Clifford
JB Gribble
Mr and Mrs Neden
Messrs W and J Neden
Misses Neden (5)
Mr, Mrs and Misses (3) Laddle
Mr, Mrs and Masters (3) Aitchesen
Brudley (4)
Mr and Mrs Barnett
Misses Barnett (2)
Master Barnett
Mr an Mrs Clements
Master Clements (3)
Misses Clements (4)
Mr, Mrs, Miss and Master Clarke
Mr and Mrs Christieson
L Hadden
Mr and Mrs Oldfield
Masters Oldfield (6)
Miss Oldfield
Mr and Mrs Roberts
Messrs Roberts (2)
Miss B Roberts
Mr and Mrs Symons
Mr, Mrs and Miss Martin
Mr and Mrs Rowlings, Masters (4), and Misses (2) Rowlings
Messrs Liepir (2)
Miss Liepir (2)
Mr and Mrs Haworth
Misses Haworth (3)
Masters Haworth (4)
Mr Clark
Mr and Mrs Powdrill
Misses Powdrill (4)
Master Powdrill
Mr and Mrs Walker
Misses Walker (8)
Masters Walker (3)
Mr and Mrs Hamlyn
Masters Hamlyn (2)
Misses Hamlyn (5)
Mr and Mrs Neden
Master Neden
Misses Neden (3)
Mr, Mrs and Miss Hann
Mr and Mrs Brown
J Brown
Masters Brown (2)
Misses Brown (3)
Mr and Mrs Parkin
J Parkin
G Parkin
Miss Morriss
Mr Barrett (2)

From Cape Town:
Mr Thirsby

- E. Baynton, agent.

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