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Gibson, Finlay and family:1901 and after

In the 1901 Census Finlay Gibson, aged 60, and family were still living at Nobel's Villas in Dynamite Road, Stevenston.. He was the 'Cartridge Foreman' at the dinnamit. 

The family had grown: listed in the household, apart from Finlay, are

Ann Gibson  42 his wife
Ann Gibson 18  eldest daughter
Kate Gibson 16
Mary Gibson 15
Maggie Gibson 14    4 daughters
William Gibson  12    and one son

The eldest daughter, Annie, would marry Joseph Hamilton in 1907. The couple emigrated to South Africa ca 1910 eventually settling in Durban.

Kate, or Catherine, married William Robson. It was to this couple's home in Winnipeg that Finlay's widow went to live after his death in Stevenston in 1924. She did not survive him long.

197 Hill St Norwood Winnipeg, the Robsons' home
where Annie stayed for the last year of her life
[Photo Acknowledgement - 
Becky Johnson via 
 Denise Neufeld]

Memorial Inscription New Street Cemetery, Stevenston.
: Finlay Gibson and Annie Bell Gibson.
Annie was buried in Winnipeg, Canada.

The other person mentioned, William F(inlay) Gibson,
was their youngest child who died in 1911 aged 22.
Occupation: engine fitter; lung problems caused death..
Death Certificate gives Pleuritis, emphysema, asthma and operation.

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