Thursday, July 26, 2018

James Colquhoun Bell arrives at Natal on the Ferdinande

The Natal Mercury 12 December 1872 brings a snippet about James Colquhoun Bell, apparently arrived at Natal on the Ferdinande and 'anxious to get employment here, so that he may be with his family'. 

Captain Bell had died in 1869 so it took a while for James Colquhoun to travel to Durban, but his mother would have been pleased to see him. She needed all the help she could get as the family had been left in very poor circumstances after Bell's death. 

James may not have been successful in getting employment in Natal. Whatever the case, he fetches up in England a couple of years later, marrying Sarah Clark at St Mary Stratford, Bow in September 1874. Sarah had been born in Blackfriars London ca 1851. By 1891 James and his large family were living in South Shields where he worked as a Marine Enameller (painting done on ships)..

St Mary's, Stratford, Bow, where James Colquhoun Bell married Sarah Clark in 1874.

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