Saturday, September 19, 2015

Success of Mole's Genealogy Blog

Since its inception, this blog has had a total of over 300 000 hits. The most popular post is the Beginners Guide which has attracted over 4 000 family historians wanting to know more about South African ancestry research. Monthly hit rate varies between 6 and 9 000. 

Among the more popular posts are:

Passenger Lists as a Primary Source (4755 hits)

More on Anglo Boer War Ancestors (3327)

More 19th c German immigrants (2822)

and many more topics concerning family history from a South African angle.

The blog is freely available to all and has an automatic translator for those whose home language is not English. Its audience includes people from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Netherlands and many other countries.

There is a search facility for specific topics you may be looking for, or you can use the archived posts to the right of the blog page.

You can also follow the blog on Twitter, which alerts you to any new posts online.

There is a comment facility for feedback or enquiries.

Most of the posts are well-illustrated and every effort is made to ensure that facts are accurate and well-researched.

Mole's Genealogy Blog is listed on Cyndi's List.

In a survey conducted in the US Family Tree Magazine 2012 edition, Around the World in 40 Blogs, highlighting top blogs for tracing roots round the globe,.Mole's Genealogy Blog was included by author Sunny Jane Morton.

Mole's Genealogy Blog is entirely free and is written (other than guest posts) by a genealogist with over thirty years experience in the field.

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andrew van rensburg said...

Long live your informative, quality blog, Mole. Best wishes, Andrew

Mole said...

Thanks for your comment and continued interest in my blog.