Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Help find the Waratah ...

A ship, lost with all souls on board. A single survivor, driven to disembark after an ominous dream. 

One man, his passion to find the ship ignited half a lifetime ago. Three decades of exploration, coming closer to the goal. 

Now, new information comes to light, and a real chance to find the lost Waratah presents itself.

Read more about the fund-raising drive, at Project Deep Blue:

Also see www.facebook.com/WaratahFanClub?fref=ts

and www.waratahrevisited.blogspot.com

The cut-off point for the fund-raiser is 1 December. So far, response has been slow and the target is a long way off. Even small donations mount up! If you are a Waratah enthusiast, wouldn't it be wonderful to help find out at last where she lies?


andrew van rensburg said...

Thank you Mole. Hear hear! Andrew

Mole said...

Thank you Andrew. It is important for everyone to know that even a R10 donation helps toward the target.