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Passengers to Natal per John Line May 1851

Arrival of the John Line, Natal Witness Friday May 9 1851

JOHN LINE, Ship, 698 tons, Captain Palmer, from London.

B. Dickinson
W Pollard
A Fell
Natal Witness, 9 May 1851
XR Breede, wife and daughter
Grice, wife and twelve children
R Adadigan, wife and two children
G Plowes
T Fosbrooke
WH Gardiner, wife and two children
Caroline Green
James Caile
Henry Cope
John Benge
Arthur Hawkins and wife
-- Bousfield
JS Stuart and wife
ES Walker and wife
John Millar
Geo. Atwood
John McKellar
Frances Palullo
Edward McLeod, wife and child
W Smith
Henry Bascomb
Wm. Irons and wife
JW Irons and wife
BA Tight
Alexr. Gifford, wife and nine children
John Cattier
Wm Tunmar, wife and six children
Wm Tyson, wife and two children
T Tayle [FAYLE], wife and three children*
Jane Moore
Hannah Barkeway
Mary Barkeway
Emma Bevan
John Bevan and wife
James Lausdell
Richard Reay
Henry Jacques and wife
-- Groombridge
Wm Whiteway
Richard Worsly
Robert Moore, wife and five children
George Mayo and wife
John Foster
John Palmer, wife and five children
Henry Davies
John Stevens and wife
Priscilla B. Clough
John Leake
George Leake
CW Sharpe
Z Jordan
H Woodhead
Edward Jones
Rosanna Pender
Richd. Hobday and wife
John Dunkin
Richard Wainwright
Caroline Jordan
William Bevan
Thomas Wadkins
Harriet Searle
-- French, wife and seven children
In all 144 persons.

Incident on arrival of this ship at Natal:

We are informed by a passenger who was on board at the time, that when the John Line drifted from her anchor (through the loss of a shackle-pin) all were asleep on board, no watch being set or at least not kept; and her change of position was never discovered even by the officers till they turned out at day light.


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