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Passengers to Natal on Pharamond 1863

The Pharamond, a typical three-masted barque, 306 tons, arrived at Natal on 10 January 1863. Her voyage from London had taken 69 days.

Cabin Passengers:

Murphy, Dr and Mrs
Dearns, Mrs. and three children
Hare, Miss
Daggett, Mr and Mrs
Cotton, Miss
Crookenden, Messrs
Dill F J and son
Griffiths, H J
McNair, W
Pearse, Edward
Varty, T B
Chappel, Fredk
Davis, Walter
Gowenlock, James and Robert
Millon, E W
Roberts, John
Sandys, Edwin A
Sargent, Henry
Dowden, Henry

Travelling in steerage were:

Edwards, Henry and Catherine
Fielding, Charles
Grix, Richard and Henry
Edwards, W F
Edgcombe, Jane and Catherine
Hurst, William
Holms, David
Leige, N
McKinlay, J R and Jane
Moore, Thomas, Eliza, and Matt F
Padley, John
Reynolds, T H
Savil, Fredk
Sharples, H
Story J. and Ann
Walker, Fredk
Walton, Walker
White, Sarah
Wilson, John
Wootton, Henry, Sarah, Sarah, Henry, Anna, Thomas, John, Ellen
Alfred, R and H

Government Emigrants:

Arthur, James and Janet
Burne, John
Barker, James
Clarke, Anne
Clark, William, Jane, George, Ann J, William, Joseph, and Robert
Clark, Mary
Doig, D W
Fenton M., J B, and Margaretta
Francis, D F, Maria M, and Harriet M
Fenwick, R
Galbraith, E J
Guthrie, J
Graves, S A
Betsy, Martha and Mary
Gass, George, Ann, Alice, George and J C
Huntley, W, Martha, and G
Harmsworth, C and Julia
McDonnell, C, Jane and Mary
Moon, E
McNamara, M
Morris, James, Maria, Edwin J and Francis J
McRae, C
Pugeon, M A
Peckham, E, Sophia, Thomas, Harriet, Emily, and Edwin
Rockey, M A, John, Mary Ann, Harriett, and William
Rollinson, M F
Shaw, Joseph
Skoton, Francis
Tonkins, C
Thomson, E
Wing, Mary
Wilkinson, H C
Benzie, S., Emma, and Emma F
Simpson, J, ? illegible initial, M and E
Wall, Bridget

William and Jane Clark
Descendant Stuart Clark offers the fascinating results of his in-depth research into the Clark family (listed among the Government emigrants above) at

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