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Names of emigrants to Natal from Redhill Farm School, Surrey

Part Two of Guest Post by Peter Bathe

The following is a list of those who emigrated to Natal from Redhill Farm School, Surrey:

1. Ayton William
2. Bloomfield (real name Bailey)
George (real name Alfred)
3. Bathe George William
4. Berridge Robert James
5. Brian alias Hill Thomas
6. Broadley John
7. Carr Samuel
8. Chidgey Joseph
9. Cosford George
10. Dixon John Henry
11. Dongworth Henry
12. Dudderidge Charles
13. Eary George
14. Edgell John
15. Freeman (real name Smith)
William James
16. Friend (real name Hall) John
17. Harris William (Benjn Geo Chas)
18. Hirn (real name Murphy)
19. Jones George Henry
20. Keynton Laurence
21. King Thomas (John)
22. Kirk John
23. Lamas James
24. Leatham Henry George Milton
25. Lovett John
26. Marsh William
27. McCarthy Michael
28. Murphy James
29. Oliver Isaac
30. Porter Edward
31. Pulford William
32. Putty/Pritty John
33. Quin George
34. Reed James
35. Reeves William Henry
36. Rowe John
37. Shackleford Edward
38. Sinmer [sic] (real name Limmer)
Charles Arthur
39. Smith Charles W
40. Smith John George
41. Stammers Christopher James
42. Swift William
43. Thomas William (Edwd)
44. Titley Joseph
45. Waugh James
46. Webb Edward
47. Weldon alias Williams Peter
48. Williams (real name Jenkinson)
Robert (real name Peter)
49. Williams (real name Warren)
Henry (real name John)
50. Willis alias Lloyd John
alias George

Author's note:

I have extracted all those noted as having gone to Natal from a pdf file created by Surrey History Centre.
http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/172776/RoyalPhilanthropicSchoolRedhill.pdf lists several hundred boys for whom records exist at the SHC.

The data on the pdf file is simply name, date of birth, date of admission to the school and where they went at the end of their sentences. However, it is possible to purchase facsimiles of the admission register entries for each boy from SHC:

Redhill Farm School Log 1861: portion of page concerning
George William Bathe, giving physical description, age and
educational status as well as his offence: 'obtaining 21/-
by false pretences'. 
The pages of the register are about A3 in size, and there are two per boy. The top half of these two pages include details such as date of birth, physical attributes, parents, crime and court, former education etc while the lower half is a log of the boy’s life at the school – visits, leave, misdemeanours and what happened at the end of the sentence, plus as much of a post-release follow-up as the school was able to manage, based on letters from former inmates and their friends.
It would be possible using Ancestry.com to get more details of these boys prior to their period at the school (including, possibly, their offence) and I would be happy to look into that should anyone wish to know more about a particular individual.
The new eGGSA passenger list project mentioned elsewhere in this blog may provide details of their arrival in Natal.

Peter Bathe can be contacted at p[dot]bathe[at]hotmail[dot]com

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