Thursday, June 2, 2011

What shipping line did your ancestor choose?

Here's an interesting link: ... and it isn't only about Norwegian heritage.

The site gives in-depth information on the great shipping lines e.g. the White Star Line - their Colonial Service brought so many of our ancestors to South Africa and Australia. You can search by line or by name of ship e.g. Persic. Pictures of ships are also included. Good background material for a family history narrative or just have fun exploring the site. You're guaranteed to discover some new and fascinating maritime facts.

Incidentally, the 'Passenger's Contract Ticket' of 1900 pictured below looks like the real thing but is a clever fake - right down to the sealing wax. Makes you think, doesn't it? Have another look at those 'original documents'.


VANRON said...

How much would the original actually cost.......I have the same ticket and the same number 467.....which is the fake....???

Mole said...

In this case I doubt if there is an 'original' and that both tickets are 'fakes'probably produced as so-called memorabilia for sale to tourists or for other commercial purposes. Thanks for your interest. Mole

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