Sunday, February 10, 2019

Rickshaw with onlookers: March 1945, Durban

Rickshaw puller with soldier and sailor in Durban: from Parade publication
                                                                March 3 1945 (WWII)

Note the puller's large wooden earrings and his 'socks' 
painted on to his feet and lower legs.


SHANEB said...

Should read 1945.

Mole said...

You are quite right, I have 1845 in the header. Thanks.

Allan Jackson said...

Hi Mole (RD-S)
I thought I'd chip in because your readers might like to know that we have a page over on Facts About Durban concerning this issue of Parade. Included are scans of the article about Durban and the text of the article. Makes interesting reading:
I hope you're well. Here is Brisbane we've had 36 days in an row where the temperature has gone over 30deg.

Mole said...

Hi Allan good to hear from you and thank you for your informative comment.
Brisbane sounds too hot for comfort! Best, Mole