Friday, June 15, 2018

Passengers to Natal per Waldensian and Estafette 1858


The Waldensian arrived at the anchorage yesterday, about noon. She brings the English mail to the 5th of June. She left the Cape on the 20th, arrived in Mossel Bay on the 22nd, left on the 23rd, arrived in Algoa Bay on the 24th, left on the 27th; arrived at East London on the 28th, and left on the same day, having encountered heavy westerly winds the whole voyage.

PASSENGERS per Waldensian are
Mr and Mrs Crawford, two children and three servants
Mr Adamson
From Algoa Bay
Mr Taylor
Mr Whalley
Mr Broad
Mr Cousens
Mr John Tweedie
Mrs Midgeley and child
Mr Lodge

It will be seen that Lord Derby's Cabinet is still on its legs; but Sir Bulwer Lytton is Colonial Secretary, in place of Lord Stanley. We fear a change for the worse.
The Agammenon and Niagara were to start with the Atlantic telegraphic cable on the 9th of June.
Captain Pilkington, civil engineer, of Cape Town, is dead.

The Estafette has arrived in Simon's Bay, from Amsterdam, on her way to Natal, with Dutch immigrants.

Consols 5th June, 96, ex div.
Rate of Discount, Bank of England, 6 per cent.
25,000 men are to be sent to India without an hours' delay.
Cape Wools, with some exceptions, shew a falling off in quality and condition, but towards the close of the sales prices somewhat rallied.
A war is said to be imminent between Austria and France. A feverish agitation prevails throughout the latter country.

The Early Morn sailed on the 30th May.
Sir George Grey is on his way to, if he has not already arrived in the Free State.
The Waldensian met the Madagascar on the 28th, about twenty-miles west of East London. All well.
The Nil Desperandum, the Irene, and the Anne Whyte were loading for Natal.
The Admiral would sail early in June.

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