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Selected passenger lists from The Natal Witness for year 1880

January 18 - Arrival
Dublin Castle
Passengers for Natal

Lieut Howard, Mrs Risley, Messrs Vorstman, Remfoy, Miss Gotting, Mr and Mrs Masters and 2 children, Misses Austin, Messrs Stanger, Taylor, J Anderson, G Anderson and Lange
January 29 - Arrival
American. Cape Town

Major Agulroy, Messrs Hunter, Buck, Taylor and Wales
Asiatic passengers for Natal
Blauer, Abraham, McLaren, Brunton, McDonald
February 23 - Arrival
Teuton. Cape Town
Passengers for Natal

Mrs Brooks, Master Adams, Captain Graumann, Messrs Read, Williams, Sayer, Solomid, Roberts, Douglas, Ivers, Collins, Mr and Mrs, Masters(4), Misses (7) Kirkcaldy, Master Fleming, Miss Anderson, Mr and Mrs Close, Messrs G T P B L G Giovanni, PR Quinto, Robert Cole
April 1 - Arrival
Balmoral Castle
Passengers For Natal

Messrs Hainsworth, Payne, Oosterveen, Chalmers, Precious, Urkens, (John) R Williams, D Williams and W Turpin, E Turpin, Wyllie, Stephen, Cameron, D Foster, J Foster, Sparks, Boomester, Laing, Gall, Mr and Mrs Baumann, Mr G Payne and Family, Mrs Symonds
April 16 - Arrival
Passengers For Natal 

Captain Bigge, Messrs Escombe, Kempson, Molyneux, Goodman, Dyas, Parker, Curds, Wilhelm, Miller, Stuart, Pinche, Stewart, Duhlweid, Rorden, Fradd, Mr and Mrs and Miss Emmanuel
April 6 - Departure
Natal U R M S. Cape and Intermediate ports

John Nelson, M Munro, Miss Kahts, L Ross, John Dunn, Capt. and Mrs Deare, R Dempsey, FA Brown, TE Chichester, JW Rudd, Mr Brechlin, Mr and Mrs Masters, Mrs Beningfield, Miss Beningfield and Master Beningfield (2), Johnstones, Miss Engle, Messrs JW Phillips, W Lyons, John Heron, Mrs Deebe and 6 Sisters, Mr and Mrs Hollard, Mr Williams, Mr Holmes, Captain McLeod, 1 corporal of army hospital Corps
April 17 - Arrival
U R M S "German"
Passengers for Natal

Comtesse Piereponds, The Hon. Mrs Campbell, Sir Evelyn and Lady Wood, Dr Scott, Lieuts Slade, The Marquis de Bassane, Mrs Hunston, Miss Almond, Mrs Master, Miss Hill, Miss Taylor, Messrs Topham, Hollick, Leach, Whiskin, Gray, McAlpine, York, Mr Long, Rev and Mrs Van Warindo, Mr Scott, Mr Seaman, Mr Nicholl, Mr Turner, Mr Baird, Mr and Mrs and Miss Hobson, Mr Brown, Mr Cave, Messrs Rich, Watkin, Craig, Donalds, Page, Grade, Mr and Mrs and Miss Peters
April 16 - Arrival
Melrose C R M S. London. Rose. RNR. Cape and Intermediate ports

Sir Theophilus Shepstone, K.C.M.G. Messrs McLaren, Wilcocks, Herbert, Henewood, Ellworthy, Veritz, Howes, Mrs McEwan and 3 children. Mr and Miss Dixon, Mrs Young and 3 children, Mr Pascoe, Mr Marshall, Mr Duff, Miss Lawrie, Mr Crate, Miss Mapstoag, Mr Ayers, Mr Searle, Mr and Mrs Charlesworth and 6 children, Mr and Mrs Hackland and 5 children, Mr and Mrs Archibald and 4 children, Messrs Mason, Gardner, Suffolk, Gain, Kaschke, Dunwoodie, Chadwick, Darmondy, Giterane, Elliott, Burgess, Gray, Dailas, Sewill, Mr and Mrs van Breda, Misses Griffin (2), Mr and Mrs Halliday and child, Miss Lester, Miss Larous, Colonel Bellairs, Colonel Barnes, Corporal Phillips, Mr Hunan, Mr and Mrs Best, Mr and Mrs Parkin and child, Mr Jones, Mr Gilruth, Mr and Mrs Dempster and child, Justice and Mrs Mure, Master and Miss Light, Mr and Miss Charman, Sergt and Mrs Woodward and child, Sergt Harrison A.H.C.
May 8 - Arrival
Edinburgh Castle

Miss Bride, Mr and Mrs Leighton, Miss Clark, Miss Lambert, Messrs Glass, Howe, Cooke, Jansen, Lamb and Allcock
May 12 - Arrival
Lapland C R M S. Leith. Mauritius

Mr De Ger Signey, Mr Mayer, Miss Alice Mayer, Commander Crawford, Sergt. Moore, Mrs Filburg and female child, Messrs Godley, Kneebone,Elmira, St George Patted, Meero, Pasquet, Mamade Pappillon, Mr Lyons, Mr HE Patterson
May 15 - Departure
Dunkeld C R M S. Cape Ports and Intermediate ports

P Rathbone, Murphy, King, Odell, WJ Vause, Ginjman, Mr and Mrs Thornton, Mr Coulson, Mrs MacFarland, Mrs McLaurin (2) and child, Mr and Mrs Hobson and child, Mr and Mrs Adcock, Messrs Cook, Stantial, GA Tomlinson, Mr and Mrs Seburink and 2 boys. Mr Emmanuel Brain, Mrs J Hajents and 2 children, Messrs Thurston, J Pittk, Samuel Grayson, WF Moore, Mr William Williams, Messrs. McFarlane, McLaurin, Master A Struben, Mr Wm Acutt, Mr and Mrs Parkin and infant, Mr P Rierden, Williams, Colour Sergt. Piper, Mr J Seaman, Mons De Chazat, Mr JW Buchanan, Mr J Smith, Messrs John Wood and Jas. Wollard. Quartermaster Barend
May 15 - Arrival

Messrs Smith, Menlove, Van Der Schuyte, Donelly, Lavertine, Milne, Houston, Grieg, Easton, Lavertine (junior), Bagge, Bond, Sir G Douglas, Messrs Gubbins, Litton, Bernard, Suter, Hill, Bondsman, Palmer, Mr & Mrs Little, Mrs Long, Mrs Herlbuim, Mr and Mrs Barry, Mr and Mrs Jacobs, Mr and Mrs Carpenter, Lieut Long
May 18 - The Loss of the "American"
Passengers saved

Lord, wife and daughter. Lewis and wife. Levey and son, Cox, Hyde, Dedicke, Stepham, Wilkinson, Mann, Borlasse, Miss Mean, McCullough, Lehrassen, Krane, Nichols, Seafers, Gard, Gordon, Smith, Zaph
May 17 - Arrival
Edinburgh Castle. Duncan. England and Cape ports

Miss McBride, Mr and Mrs Leighton, Miss M Clarke, Miss Lambert, Mr A Howe, Master G Glass, Mrs Bredell and 3 children, Mr JF Felton, Captain Gyllen Crentz, Mr Kollin, Master Gorton, Mr Farrena, Messrs McLaren, Ramsey, Long
May 22 - Arrival
African U R M S. Southampton. Critchley. England to Cape Ports

Mr Richardson, Mr Brander, Capt. McCullam, Messrs Rowland, Pethey, H Moller, R King, G Patterson, J Jack, C Brown, Hawkins, Evans, J Snell, Passmore, G Mare, J Bigg, Mr and Mrs Waat Herdon and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Brown, Mr and Mrs Ritcher and 4 children, Michael and Mary Powell, Thos. Wall, Mr Priddle, Blanche Priddle, Chas. Ligge, J Grieg, M Stewart, W Stewart, Messrs JH and A Farquhar, Mr McManni, Miss M Angus, Mr JDH Rudlin, Mr and Mrs Criver and 2 children, Miss M Stewart, Messrs C and A Stewart, H Vogil, G Alexander, D Bain, Mr and Mrs Grace, Messrs De Grist, J Guilli, W Addis, F Turner, D Ross, Mr and Mrs Arnold and children, Mr and Mrs Barbourn, Mr Cumming, Mr Bernard, Mr A De Chozel, Mrs Ryall and 2 children
May 18 - Departure
Anglican. U.R.M.S. Southampton. Owen. Cape and Intermediate ports

Mr and Mrs Baynes, Messrs Bernard, Sanders, Thomas, Tabernor, Robert, Todd, Proksch, John Brown and 2 sons, Major-General Gordon, Mrs Gordon, Miss Hedley, Mr and Mrs AA Smith and Master Smith, Mr and Mrs Langley and 5 children, Messrs JD and GS Balance, Mr Hall, Mr and Mrs Jas Randles and child, Mr CH Goad, Messrs A Webster, J Burgess, Mr Coventry and 2 brothers, Gooden, W E Davis, Mr J Lyon, Messrs Ballentyne, Joeynong, Mr Bell (Bells Circus), Mr Owen and wife, Mr Samuel, Mr Smallburger
May 22 - Arrival
Kinfauns Castle

Lieuts Pixley and Priskett, Messrs Gudgeon, Mair, Webb, Wardrop, Stedman, Moore, Jacobs, Tomkins, Levey, Beechman (2), G Jorren, Reite, Kyode, Lazarus, Langa, Rawson, Friedlande, Mede (2), Revs Brastveldt, Gunderson, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mrs Brastveldt, Mrs Masters (4) Misses (5) Fisher, Mrs Master and Miss Gunderson, Master and Miss Middleton, Mrs, Miss and Master Friedlander
May 25 - Arrival
The Dunkeld

Messrs MacMillan, Fleming, Chapman, Scholsinfer, Master Kayser, Mr and Mrs Wilson, Mr Mair, Mr Gridgeon, Mr and Mrs Shewell and child, Lieut Pixley, Mr Wardrofe, Tomkins, Rev. Mr and Mrs Sanderson and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Broadeld, Mrs Friedlander and 2 children, and Master Jacob, Mr Itedman, Miss and Master Myddletofa, Messrs Levy, Moore, Well, Mr and Mrs Fisher and 9 children, Messrs Boichman, Gordon, Riona, K Joote, Friedlander, O'Lange, Lazarus, Rawson, Will, Mr and Mrs Hampson, Lady Boyle and 7 children, Captain Boyle and Valet, Messrs Williams, Joseph, Christopherson, Messrs Macmillan, Mrs Flanery and infant, Mr Burden, Mr Janion, Captain Crawford, Messrs Morris, Miles and D Clark
May 23 - Departure
Melrose C R M S. Leith. Jas Rose. Cape and Intermediate Ports

Mrs Tryton and child, Mr Chas Coventry, Mr and Mrs Abrams and child, Mr KG Decker, Mr Thos. Hodgson, Mr and Mrs Matterson and Misses Matterson (3), Colonel Barnes, Mr Robert Stuart, Mr Sewell, Mr and Mrs May and 3 children and infant, Mr J Backer, Mr Hines, Mr John Harman, Rev. O Watkins, Mr Roome
June 5
Rescued from the American - on the Warwick Castle

Messrs Mairne, Hill, Schwake, Fraser, Loutitt, Grand, Worman, Gitsham, Bateman, Hale, Nottingham, Duthie, Stevenson (2), Watkins, Baressel, Norman, Grant, Sinclair, Parker, Adams, Stoke, Mitchell, Baron, Kirwood (2), Mr, Mrs and Miss and Master Watts, Mr, Mrs and Misses (2) Mackinon, Mr and Mrs Bell, Mr, Mrs and Misses (2) Milne, Mr, Mrs and Misses (4) Madsen, Mr, Mrs and Miss Charleton, Mr and Mrs Goodwin, Mr, Mrs and Misses (2) Whytem Mr, Mrs and Misses (2) Kirkwood, Mrs and Miss James, Mrs and Masters (2) Grant, Mrs Newman, Mrs Bateman, Mrs Morley, Misses Mainfield, Buchanan, McHarg, Rooke and Homewood
Per the Asiatic

Kairn, Marchant, Smith, Misses Kairn, and Earwell
June 5 - Arrival

Messrs Henry, Baldwin, Hill, O'Neill, McPheil, Master McPheil and Captain Dove
June 3 - Arrival
Lapland CRMS. London. Potts. Cape and Intermediate ports

Mr and Mrs Clarence, Mr and Mrs Greathead, 1 Army Sargeant, 11 men, and 1 woman, 58th Regiment. Mr Hicks, Mrs Mahomool and 4 children
June 6 - Arrival
Actecea. London. Walker. Mauritius

Mr and Mrs Oliver and 4 children, Mrs Walais, Miss Lamarque, Miss Warren, Mr Arnaud, Mrs Claite, Miss Brisset, J Claite, W Joubert, Mrs Mulvany, John McDonald, S Ford, RA Bell, S Merendon, E Sergeant
June 12th - Arrival
The Trojan

Mr and Mrs Head, Sergt. - Armourer, Hickman and family, Hall, Montgomery, Broadhurst, Gilling, Keens, Dodson, Flaherty, Murison, Callis, Scharf
June 15 - Departure
Danube URMS. Southampton. Draper. RNR Cape/Eng.

Mr and Mrs Titren, Mr and Mrs Handley, Misses Smith, Shear, Mrs W Adler and 3 children, Sergt S Phillips (late CMR), Captain, Mrs and Misses (2) Allison, Mr FH Galloway, Mr Fred Baldwin, Miss Robinson, Mr Parker, Misses Emma and G Hammon, Mrs Henry, Capt. Hawkins (RN), Messrs Stokes, Hammon, A De Cassidy, Mr Ferreira, Mr and Mrs Watson, Messrs Chas Johnston, Henry Harous, Hopgood, Williams, Miss and master Flanders, Mrs Savage, Trooper Lewis, Mr SE Cook, Mrs S Corbett and 2 children, Messrs Edward, Spurice
June 19 - Arrival
Grantually Castle. Cape Town

Sir George and Lady Colley, Colonel Winslow and Valet, Capt. Rogers, Messrs English, Mayers, Dougherty, Whitford, Giblin, Ellis, Poole, Von Royen, Tweedel, Perkins, Colquhon, Lucas, Morris, Granger, Capt. Burns, Messrs Fewtrell, Gibbs, Reed, Stephney, Mr, Mrs and Miss Allen, Capt. and Mrs Montague, Mr, Mrs and Master Shepstone, Miss Henderson, Mrs and Master Kirkman, Miss Clarke, Miss Aldridge, Mrs Simpson, Mr and Mrs Albers, Mrs and Miss Turpin, Mr, Mrs Miss and Master Evans
June 20 - Arrival
Asiatic CRMS. Southampton. Owen. RNR. Cape Ports

Mrs and Master Pratt, Messrs Hall, Montgomery, Dodson, Broadhurst, Flaherty, Marrin, Butwent, Cox, Army School Master Mr Head and Mrs Head, Sergt Hickman, Mrs Hickman and 2 daughters, Mrs Smith and 2 sons, Mr Kain, Miss Kain, Mrs goble with 2 daughters and 2 sons, Miss Emell, Messrs Smith, Marchant, Buchanan, AS Cowley, T Cowley, Freedrickan, Mrs Wishart and 2 daughters, Messrs Silo Thresh, Tipper, Kennedy, Jones, Egerton, Cohen, Mr and Mrs Owen, Miss Robinson, Mr Frollip, Messrs Victor, Martin
June 26 - Arrival
Dunkeld CRMS. London. Broadfoot. Cape and Intermediate ports

Mr and Mrs Allen and child, Mrs Shepstone and 2 children, Miss Henderson, Mrs Montague, Mrs Mayers, Captain Rogers, Mr and Mrs Evans and 2 children, Mr Dougherty, Mrs Kirkman and child, Captain Burns, Mrs Turpin and child, Miss Fanny Aldridge, Mr and Mrs Albers, Colonel Winslow, Messrs Whitford, Giblin, English, Lucas, Clark, Morris, Granger, Gibbs, Reed, Stephney and son, Van Ryne, Tweedle, Colquhoun, Fewtell, Perkins, Messrs Paramoar, Granger, Collins, Mrs Parks and 2 children, Messrs Eadis, Cant, Evans, Brushmaker, Hanson
June 22 - Departure
Melrose CRMS London. Rose RNR. Cape/Int ports

Mr W Hine, Messrs Nussbaum and C Hanslmair, Mr and Mrs Sturk, Mr P Van Niekerk, Mrs Tobiasen, Messrs F Gill, F Smith, J Chapman, Herbert, Wackrill, Thompson, Mrs Cox and 5 children, Lieut Cox AHC, Captain Sylvester AMD., William Acutt, Master Taunton, Corporal Taylor ASC, Mr Nielson, Mr Firmstone, Mr and Mrs Findlay and 3 children, Lieut CHP Williams, Capt. and Mrs Bettington, Messrs FB Ladyman, WR Potts, James Smith, Mrs White and 4 children, Mrs G Glover and Child, Conductors, Stewart, Stead and Wren
June 26th - Arrival
The Durban

Messrs. Harrison, Bouverie, Rance, Henry, Tweediek, J Jones, E Jones, Stanton, Jessop, Fisher, Vincent, Dr Barry, Mr and Mrs Gladstone, Mr and Mrs Midgley, Miss Exell, Mr and Master Cohen
June 25 - Arrival
Trojan URMS. Southampton. Capt Travers. Table Bay

Dr and Mrs Kann 4 daughters and a son, Mr R Fisher, Mr Cuthbert, Mr Corbett, Miss Brolase, Mr Symmonds, Mr Levy, Mr and Miss Girault, Mr Harvey, Mr Banwell, Miss Alexander, Revs. Watkins, Stott, Rylands, Watson, Kalbourbolton
June 28 - Arrival
Florence CRMS. London. De Putron. Cape and Int ports

His Excellency Sir George and Lady Pomeroy Colley, Mr Munro (Secretary to his Excellency), Miss Susan Wimmer, Messrs Collins, Granger, Arber, Higgs, McGill, Master Searle, Mr F Gem, Messrs McKenzie, Smith, Mr Donald Smith, Mr O'Lingen
June 27 - Departure
Trojan URMS. Southampton. Travers. Cape and England

The Countess De Pierponds, (The Empress Eugenie and suite), Sir Evelyn and Lady Wood, Capt Brigge, Lieut Slade, Dr Scott, Marquis De Bassano, Messrs Cottam, Spofforth, Acutt, C Seargie, Mr and Mrs Marshall and 3 children, Mr and Mrs German, Mr and Mrs Pesacock, Mr Maynard, Mr Sprickley, Mr and Mrs P O'Meara
June 29 - Arrival
Danube. URMS. Southampton. Draper. R.N.R.C. ports

Messrs Rich, McCaddam, Kroger, Harrison, Mrs Folmer, Mr J Evans, Messrs WG Baker, Maynard, Colman, Messrs O'Meara, AH Peterson, Mrs Foggett, Mr Acutt, Mr and Mrs Culverwell and child, Rev P Berthoud, Major Furze, Mr Spoffor

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