Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lighthousekeeper: Rules and Regulations 3

Hood Point Lighthouse, East London, SA

The Head Lighthousekeeper is held responsible for the regularity of watches during the night, for the cleanliness and good order of the apparatus, machinery, utensils and for the due performance of the whole duty of the lighthouse whether performed by him personally, or by the assistant, or occasional keepers, and he shall in event of any accident or obstruction to the regular and efficient exhibition of the light occurring, report same to the Engineer-in-Chief. The Head Lighthousekeeper is also responsible for the cleanliness of dwellings, store-rooms etc. The Head Lighthousekeeper shall see that the ground around the lighthouse and both keepers’ quarters, is kept in good order together with all the other things placed under his charge.

The assistant lightkeeper shall act under the orders of the principal lightkeeper.
[Note both terms are used throughout the instructions – lighthousekeeper and lightkeeper.]

The lighthousekeepers are prohibited from carrying on any trade or business, also from having any boarders or lodgers in their dwellings.

Lightkeepers may arrange to absent themselves on Sunday for the whole or part of a day, not earlier than 8 a.m. and not later than 1 hour before sunset.

Only one lightkeeper shall be absent from the lighthouse at one and the same time.

Lightkeepers are to conduct themselves with civility to strangers, showing the premises at such as convenient and do not interfere with the proper duties of their office. Strangers are not admitted into the lightroom at any time.

No money or gratuity is to be accepted from visitors on any pretence whatever. No more than three visitors to have access to the lighthouse at any one time. No persons in a state of intoxication is to be admitted. The Lighthouse is not open to the public on a Sunday. Visitors may not handle apparatus or make drawings thereof or take any dimensions.

No smoking by visitors to the Lighthouse is permitted. No food or liquor and no dogs allowed.

A visitors book to enter visitors names is in the charge of the Head Lightkeeper.

In the event of any neglect in performance of duties, the offending party shall send immediate notice to the Engineer-in-Chief.

Lightkeepers are to observe these rules; these rules are without prejudice to any other special instructions issued by the Engineer-in-Chief.

Any breach of rules will render the offender liable to a fine not exceeding 2 pounds or to dismissal if the offender be in the service of the Government.

A copy of the foregoing rules shall be furnished to each lightkeeper.

Scrimshaw of sailing ship near a lighthouse

The Lighthouse Rules, edited due to length, are taken from the Natal Almanac and Yearly Directory.

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