Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lighthousekeeper: Rules and Regulations 3

The lightkeeper having the 2nd day shift shall cleanse the lanterns, lamp glasses, copper and brass work and utensils, walls and floors and balcony of the lightroom together with the tower stairs, passage doors and windows from the lightroom to the base of the building. The duties in this shift must be completed before 3 p.m.

For the more effectual cleaning of the glass of the lantern and management of the lamps at the time of lighting, both lightkeepers shall be upon watch throughout the 1st watch of the night.

The lighthousekeeper on duty at night shall on no pretence whatever during his watch leave the lightroom or balcony until he is relieved.

A bell is fixed at or near the base of the tower with a cord leading to the balcony to enable the lighthousekeeper on duty to summon the absent keeper, and if at any time the lighthousekeeper on duty shall think the presence or assistance of the lighthousekeeper not on duty is necessary, he shall call him by ringing this bell and the keeper so called shall repair to the lightroom without delay. In like manner, when the watches come to be changed, the bell shall be rung to call the lighthousekeeper next in turn after which the keeper on duty shall at his peril remain on guard till he is relieved by the keeper who has the next watch.

The Head Lighthousekeeper is responsible for the safety and good order of stores, utensils and apparatus, to see none of the stores or materials are wasted, observe the strictest economy and most careful management, yet so as to obtain in every respect the best possible light.

The Head Lighthousekeeper shall keep a daily journal of the quantity of oil and other stores expended, and also a log book containing the routine of duty and the state of the weather, embodying other remarks that may occur. These shall be entered in the books to be kept at the lighthouse for the purpose. These entries shall be made daily: they are on no account to be trusted to memory.

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