Saturday, January 31, 2015

Souvenir Saturday: Military Memorabilia: BMR

Border Mounted Rifles Collar Badge showing motto
Rough and  Ready*

Brass button with BMR insignia

A badge of the Border Mounted Rifles  Boer War era. This is a slouch hat badge in which the Crown has been removed and then used as a collar/shoulder insignia, as was common practice of the day. There were two designs, one with the Victoria Crown between 1894 & 1901 and then the Kings Crown between 1902 & 1914. This badge appears to have been the earlier Victoria Crown design.

TNA WO 127/2       Border Mounted Rifles.Enrolment Forms

For a list of BMR serving in the Anglo-Boer War see Mole's Blog at

* For the story behind the Boot and Spur and BMR Motto see the Regimental History page 52
'Rough but Ready: An Official History of the Natal Mounted Rifles and its Antecedent and Associated Units' by E Goetzsche.

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