Friday, March 28, 2014

Passengers to Natal per Devonian 1851

Arrival of the Devonian at Port Natal on 31 October 1851

Per Devonian
Sailed from Liverpool on 30 July 1850

George Aldrich
HL Barker
William S Barrington
George Berrington
Alfred and Catherine and Thomas Bowes
Richard Baynes
JF Churchill
WM Collins
George W Cossar
Andrew and Mary Curle
John D and Margaret Doig and 5 children
AW and Mary Evans
Joseph Ferguson
Charles Good
Michael Hastie
Edmund Hay
Thomas and Mary Hinman
Benjamin Horne
Peter and Elizabeth Jaffray
James E Jevons
Sarah Lockwell
Joseph McHardie
W McMillan
Matthew and Mary Ann Middlebrook
William and Jane Miles and 5 children
William and Eliza Molton and 1 child
Robert Pickering
Thomas Reynolds
William and Mary Roberts and 4 children
Rev Joseph and Mary Shooter
William Smith
Josias Stephenson
Frederick and Jane Symes and 1 child
Elizabeth Walker
Joseph B and Isabel Watson
William and Ellen Watson and 3 children

William J and Mary Clark and 4 children
Luke and Mary Newberry and 3 children
John Stratford

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The image is rich in non-verbal information. It must have been gruelling for emigrants. Hygiene and health related issues must have made the passage all the more challenging. Andrew