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Passenger list the Scot from Southampton to Cape and Natal 1892

The Scot, departure Southampton 10 December 1892
Master - H.D. Travers

For Cape Town:
JH Wensher ENGLISH 18 single - engine driver
G (?) Watten ENGLISH 35 married - miner
AS Brodie 24 SCOTCH single - wine merchant
Jno Bawden ENGLISH 33 married - miner
T Bawden ENGLISH 29 married - miner
JT Charlton ENGLISH 23 single - clerk
J Chegwidden ENGLISH 38 married - miner
Edwin Chapman ENGLISH 25 single - ironmonger
Miss L Chegwidden ENGLISH 20 single - nil
Mr Coltart ENGLISH 36 married - shoemaker

For Delagoa Bay:
Mr de Groot FOREIGNER 43 married - farmer

For Cape Town:
T Eddy ENGLISH 40 married - miner
E Ellis ENGLISH 30 single - miner
Percy Ellwood ENGLISH 21 single - joiner
A Eddy ENGLISH 44 single - miner
Mr Freeman ENGLISH 24 single - draper
TC Fargher ENGLISH 22 single - printer
J Friggens ENGLISH 31 married - miner
Mrs Friggins ENGLISH 29 married - nil
J Finberg ENGLISH 22 single - traveller

For East London:
Miss Gilmore ENGLISH 20 single - domestic

For Cape Town:
HJ Giles ENGLISH 31 single - carpenter
Mr Garden ENGLISH 24 single - compositor
Miss Hughes ENGLISH 26 single - domestic
AH Hatch ENGLISH 21 single - artist
Mr Halstead ENGLISH 33 married - innkeeper
Mrs Halstead ENGLISH 30 married - innkeeper
Mast Halstead ENGLISH 7
Miss Klein FOREIGNER 10
Annie Kelley ENGLISH 22 single - domestic

For Natal:
Agnes Kynoch ENGLISH 25 single - mother's help

For Cape Town:
Mr King ENGLISH 34 single - mason
W Laurey ENGLISH 27 single - miner
Mr Lyster ENGLISH 25 single - gardener
John Laverton SCOTCH 40 single - electrician
Mr Little ENGLISH 29 single - miner

For Algoa Bay:
CW Moloney IRISH 26 single - farmer

For Delagoa Bay:
Jas McPhail SCOTCH 37 married - miner

For Cape Town:
Mrs Medlin ENGLISH 30 married - nil
Mast Medlin ENGLISH 7
Thos More ENGLISH 20 single - clerk
A Nay ENGLISH 26 single - miner

For Cape Town:
Mrs Levy ENGLISH married
Mr Collins ENGLISH married
Mr A Robinson ENGLISH single
Mr Bosiaux FOREIGNER single
Mr R Veder FOREIGNER single

For Algoa Bay:
Mr Hankey ENGLISH married
Mr AS Tomson ENGLISH single
Mr W Early ENGLISH single
Mr Macintosh SCOTCH single
Rev GH Samson ENGLISH single
Rev PB Simeon FOREIGNER single
Mr and Mrs Rosenberg and family FOREIGNER (1 male child 1-12 yrs, 1 female infant)
Miss Leibsohn FOREIGNER (1 femald child - aged 1-12 yrs)
Mrs Dickinson and family ENGLISH (1 male child, 2 female children - aged 1-12 yrs)
Miss Crackles ENGLISH single
Rev J Clarke ENGLISH single

For East London:
Mr Hassall ENGLISH single

For Natal:
Mr WAB Anderson ENGLISH married
Mrs and Miss Stepstone ENGLISH married and single
Mr J Tuck ENGLISH married
Mr and Mrs Woodroffe ENGLISH
Mr and Mrs Gravell ENGLISH
Miss Gravell ENGLISH single (1 female chile - aged 1-12 yrs)
Mr E Martin ENGLISH married
Mr and Mrs Mansel ENGLISH
Mrs Blaine and family ENGLISH (2 female children - aged 1-12 yrs, 1 male infant)
Mr AP Moore ENGLISH married
Miss Baker ENGLISH single
Rev and Mrs Walters and family ENGLISH (1 male child - aged 1-12 yrs, 1 female infant)
Miss Walters ENGLISH single
Miss Bliss single ENGLISH
Miss Sandoz FOREIGNER (female child - aged 1-12 yrs)
Mrs Bailie ENGLISH married
Mr Bailie ENGLISH single

For Mauritius:
Mr J Orders ENGLISH single
Mr G Cole ENGLISH single

For East London:
Miss E Jacot FOREIGNER (female child - aged 1-12 yrs)
Miss E Kruger FOREIGNER (female child - aged 1-12 yrs)
Miss M Kohler FOREIGNER (female child - aged 1-12 yrs)
Miss S Kohler FOREIGNER (female child - aged 1-12 yrs)
Mr EW Kruger FOREIGNER single

For Cape Town:
Mr Scorey ENGLISH single
Mr Harris ENGLISH single

For Madeira:
Mr Rogers ENGLISH single

For Cape Town:
Mr Georgie ENGLISH single

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