Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Passenger list: Golden Age Natal to Australia 1854

SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE Natal Mercury 12 July 1854

July 12 - Golden Age, bq [barque] 
W Jones - for Melbourne - 

W Gallians 
Mr Bayley and two children 
H Baker, wife and two children 
J Matters, wife and four children 
J McGully 
HJ Gale, wife and children 
G St. Paul 
J Forman 
E Standish 
Mrs Glover and three children 
R Short 
JS Erwood 
J Cuthbert 
E Dubois 
J Clark 
J Canning and wife 
W Fuller 
Charles Richards 
Donald McPhail 
R Mathew 
Mrs Williams and two children 
C Owen 
T Poynton, wife and child 
R Parker 

3-master barque similar to Golden Age

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