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Passenger arrivals Natal Oct 1875

ARRIVALS Natal Mercury October 2 1875
Hannah Nicholson, Actaea, Natal, Zulu, Umkomanzi, Adonis, Elizabeth Martin, Kafir, Lady Selborne, Florence

Sept 3 - Hannah Nicholson, barque, of Adelaide, 252 tons, Farquhar, from Adelaide, sailed July 16. Cargo: flour.
H and T McCubbin, agents.
Sept 7 - Actaea, barque, of London, 300 tons, A Walker, from Calcutta and Mauritius, sailed from Calcutta, July 11. Mauritius, Aug 25. Cargo: general.
Mrs and Miss Maingard
Mrs Porley and four children
Mr and Mrs S Guillaman and three children
Mr Nicholas and four children
E Snell and Co., agents.
Sept 7 - Barbara Taylor, 3-masted schnr, of Greenock, 252 tons, Taylor, from London, sailed June 12. Cargo: general.
Bullard, King and Co., agents.
Sept 7 - Surprise, barque of Norway, 454 tons, Wagner, from London, sailed June 1. Cargo: general.
Steel, Atkinson and Co., agents.
Sept 8 - Natal, RMS, of Southampton, 587 tons, JC Gilbert, from Capt Town and intermediate ports. Cargo: general.
From Southampton
Mrs King and 4 children
Lieut de Hoghton
E Escombe
5 men, 2 women, and 5 children.
From Cape Town
Mrs H De la Cour Travers, child, and servant
Messrs Pretorius
C Fleek
G Bocca
J Noeman
H Thomas
A Fisher
C Kirsten
J Domon
R Cook
From Algoa Bay
Mr and Mrs Railie
Dr Barbour
Mr L Bamball
W Reigg
Left Cape Town at noon on the 3rd Sept., experienced light variable winds till midnight, then the wind freshened to NW and increased till morning. During the 4th strong gale; at midnight heavy gale with violent squalls, wind, hail and rain, thunder and violent lightning. Arrived Algoa Bay 5th, at 1 p.m. Off Cape. St. Francis, on the morning of the 5th passed RMS Kafir bound to the westward and a brigantine running. Left Port Elizabeth on the 6th at 3.20 p.m., anchored off East London next morning at 7; left again at 11.20 a.m. From Port Elizabeth to Port Natal, light easterly winds and fine.
Escombe and Co., agents.
Sept 11 - Annie, schooner, of London, 40 tons, Le Clercq, from East London, sailed Sept 8. Cargo: general.
S Crowder and Co., agents.
Sept 11 - Zulu, RMS, 678 tons, H de le Cour Travers, from Zanzibar and intermediate ports. Cargo: general.
Alex Turnbull, Esq., MD, Staff-Surgeon HMS "London",
Mrs and Miss Samuel
17 Naval invalids
Left Natal August 19, 9 a.m., arrived Mozambique August 25, 3.15 p.m.; arrived Zanzibar August 28, 9.15 a.m. From Natal to 26° S experienced heavy NE gale and very high sea; thence to Zanzibar moderate fair winds and strong adverse currents. Left Zanzibar August 31, 3.15 p.m. arrived Lindi Bay September 2, 8 a.m.; sailed at noon same day; arrived Mozambique September 4, 7.30 a.m.; left 3.15 p.m. same day; arrived Delagoa Bay September 8, 2.30 p.m.; sailed September 9, 11.45 a.m., arrived Natal September 11. From Zanzibar to Cape Delgado experienced light SW monsoon and strong adverse currents, thence to 21° S light fair winds, but no current; thence to C Corrientes similar weather; Delagoa Bay to Natal, strong gale and heavy head sea.
Escombe and Co., agent.
Sept 12 - Umkomanzi, barque, of Aberdeen 397 tons, Airth, from London, sailed June 29. Cargo: general.
Mrs Bachan and seven children
Steel, Atkinson and Co., agents.
Sept 12 - Adonis, of Amsterdam, SS, 80 tons, Thompson, from Scottburgh, sailed Sept 12, not having effected a landing. Cargo: sundries.
Mrs Collingham and three children
S Crowder and Co., agents.
Sept 15 - Elizabeth Martin, CMS, of Leith, 1500 tons, Duncan, from London and Cape ports. Cargo: general.
Sailed from London, August 4th; arrived at Cape, Sept 2nd, left 5th; arrived Mossel Bay, 6th, left 7th; arrived Algoa Bay, 8th, left 10th; arrived at Kowie, 11th, left 13th; arrived East London, 13th, left 14th; arrived Natal, 15th.
Black, Baxter and Co., agents.
Sept 15 - Eastern Star, brig, 208 tons, GW Arnot, from London, sailed Jan 10th. Cargo: general.
Steel, Atkinson and Co., agents.
Sept 22 - Kafir, RMS, of Southampton, 900 tons, Garratt, from Cape ports. Cargo: general.
From Southampton
Mr and Mrs Topham, four children, and nurse
Rev., Mrs and Mr AJ Abrahams
Mr G Woodley
Mr Krafer
Miss Nickse
Mr Dowse
Mr Hooper
Mr RG and Mr G Hooper
Sergt Hawgood
Mr and Mrs Fairburn
Misses Pople (2)
Mrs Heller and daughter
From Cape Town
Miss Lloyd
Mr GL Morton
Mr and Mrs Bonever
Mr E Moore
Mr Thomas Kirkwood
Mr T Hastings
A Nelson
J Leis
Robert Hunter
From Algoa Bay
TA O'Flaherty
From East London
Mr JN Holden
John Nixon
From Cape Town for Zanzibar
one boy
Left Cape Town, Monday, Sept 13th, 4 p.m., light variable winds, to Mossel Bay; arrived at Mossel Bay, Tuesday, Sept 14th 7.30 p.m. left Mossel Bay, Wednesday, 15th, 2.30 p.m.; moderate head winds to Algoa Bay; arrived at Algoa Bay, Thursday, 16, 8.30 p.m.; left Algoa Bay, Sunday, 19th, 10 a.m.; light fair winds and calm to East London; arrived at East London, Monday, 20th, 5.30 a.m.; left East London, Monday, 20th, 5.30 p.m.; light fair winds and calm to Natal; arrived at Natal, Wednesday, 22nd, 5.30 a.m.
Escombe and Co., agents.
Sept 23 - Lady Selborne, 3-masted brigantine, of Plymouth, 299 tons, N Keen, from Port Alfred, sailed Sept 19, in ballast.
S Stanley
J Lyons
P Murphy
R Wilhelm, agent.
Florence, CMS of Leith.

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