Friday, October 13, 2017

Steerage passengers to Natal on Priscilla

The barque Priscilla

Priscilla brings Government Emigrants to Natal 1860.
Fortunately these steerage passengers are named - this wasn't always the case. Family historians would prefer to have the children's names included.

'To sailors, three things made a ship a clipper. She must be sharp-lined, built for speed. She must be tall-sparred and carry the utmost spread of canvas. And she must use that sail, day and night, fair weather and foul.'

Optimized for speed, they were too fine-lined to carry much cargo. Clippers typically carried extra sails such as skysails and moonrakers on the masts, and studdingsails on booms extending out from the hull or yards, which required extra hands to handle them. And in conditions where other ships would shorten sail, clippers drove on, heeling so much that their lee rails were in the water.

Not the most comfortable ride for passengers.


Megan Hall said...
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Megan Hall said...

My great great grandfather (made a mistake earlier) is among these travellers. Thank you for covering these journeys on your blog!

Mole said...

Thank you for your comment - pleased you are enjoying the blog! Best Wishes from Mole.