Friday, July 8, 2016

Waratah anniversary reminder: July 1909

Waratah at Port Adelaide before her voyage to Durban.

A poignant letter written by a crew member on 26 July, from the SS Waratah in Durban, was received by his sister in London.  
'Just a line to let you know we arrived here safely after a pretty rough voyage from Adelaide. For 13 days after leaving that place we had heavy seas and weather and a lot of the deck fittings were broken and carried away by heavy seas that swept over the vessel. The last five days however have been fine and we got here yesterday midday (Sunday) and we leave the Cape Saturday next, on 31st  July for London, where we will arrive on August 21st although we are not due until the 23rd.' 
The ship never arrived at the Cape. Her precise fate and the location of her wreck
 remain unknown

Advert from Sydney Morning Herald 26 June 1909

Memorial protea wreath for the Waratah centenary in July 2009

(photo courtesy Suzanne-Jo Leff Patterson)

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