Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lighthouse Gravestone

Lighthouse Gravestone in cemetery at Burwen, Anglesey

The inscription on the stone reads: In loving memory of Thomas Cunningham, beloved husband to Mary Jane Cunningham 41 Mona Street, Amlwch Who departed this life August 17th 1910 Age 70 years.

Thomas Cunningham had been a lighthouse keeper in China, possibly in Shanghai, for about 30 years.

Graham Mason


John said...

My Great Great something Grandad.

Mole said...

Do you mean that the Thomas Cunningham commemorated on this gravestone was you g grandfather? How fascinting. Please tell me more.

John said...

Wow i didnt notice for 4 years i had a reply... Yep that is my great something granddad. Although I was born in england, i moved to Wales in 1982 and my dad told me about it. The only reason i have a different surname is because of adoption.