Saturday, January 23, 2016

Souvenir Saturday: Lilla Lacon Ireland 1866

Lilla Lacon Ireland 1866 in baby buggy.Lilla Lacon Ireland was the daughter of Rev William Ireland, the American missionary, and his second wife Oriana nee Grout.  

Ireland was the principal of the now famous Adams College on the south coast of Natal, and 5 children of the 7 born to William and Oriana survived.

In 1885 Wm Ireland read his historical paper on the occasion of the Jubilee of the American Mission; the basis for this paper was his original Sketch of the Zulu Mission written some time earlier. He died in 1888, and his widow was put in charge of the girls on the Mission. She returned to America in 1897, dying there in 1902, but their daughter Lilla Lacon Ireland is recorded as being at Adams Mission in 1900. She too returned briefly to America, but came back to Natal, remaining until the 1930s and teaching at Inanda Seminary. 

This carte de visite appeared on the etsy site, a reminder that such sites - ebay etc - are worth a look for memorabilia of this sort.

Acknowledgements to Kathleen Freimond who alerted me to this photo on etsy. Kathleen is researching Barbara Buchanan a well-known author who lived in Natal and at one time was governess to the Ireland children. Mention of this is made in Buchanan's book Natal Memories page 48.  for more on  the Irelands

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