Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shipwreck survivors 8: the Waldensian 1862

The Waldensian,  built on the Clyde in 1855, continued the coastal service alone (after the Madagascar her sister ship was wrecked) but was herself wrecked on Struys Point in October 1862 on a voyage for Cape Town. The ship broke in two, but the approximately 100 souls on board were safely landed, most going overland to Cape Town by wagon via Bredasdorp. Some returned in Barry's coaster Kadie and the Cape Town tug Albatross which had responded to news of the disaster.

More about the Waldensian wreck can be seen at:

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andrew van rensburg said...

Marvelous account, Mole. Such wrecks reinforce how treacherous the South African coast can be. Best wishes, Andrew