Sunday, April 7, 2013

Durban High School group 1885

The School in 1885

Standing top right: P Sandford Headmaster, W H Nicholas Assistant Master; two African employees
Top Row: S A Marriott, R Hooper, E Goble, H V Adler, W Gilbert, W Grundy, R Arbuckle, H Mason
Middle Row: H C Bell, W Millar, P Acutt, C Jenkyn, H Robinson, A Osborne, J D Cockerell, P Stevens, T Maddison
Bottom Row: Fisher, Palmer, H Gillespie, H Sewell

Note from Philip Sandford's grandson:
Sandford was locally unpopular for publicly supporting his friend Bishop Colenso in calling for decent treatment of the Zulus after the Anglo-Zulu War 1879. Colenso baptized at least one of the Sandford children. We have two brief letters from Colenso congratulating Sandford on his new son and offering condolences on the death of Sandford’s father (1883) a few months before Colenso himself died.

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