Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Crown Studios - Bughwan and Co Photographers, Durban


Dennis Bughwan, proprietor of the Crown Studios, Durban. The business was originally established by his father, a well-known photographer. There were at one time eight branches under the name Crown Studios but with the implementing of the Group Areas Act these properties were lost.


Devi Bughwan, daughter of Bhoolasingh, was a broadcaster with SABC and a lecturer at Clairwood Indian High School, who became actively involved in the Crown photographic business. In 1947 she married Dennis Bughwan.  In 1949 she obtained an M.A. degree in English, at that time the first Indian woman in South Africa to achieve that goal. An accomplished amateur stage actress she appeared in many productions. She also lectured for a time in English at the University of Natal.

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Happy Reader said...

Lovely!!! Can you touch base with me? Dennis was my granduncle! Thank you for this information.