Thursday, February 27, 2020

Caneys in Barberton, Kimberley, Durban, Pretoria, Pietermaritzburg,

See W (H) Caney's studio at left, with his name emblazoned on the roof. The view shows Pilgrims Street, Barberton. William Henry (Harry) Caney ran a studio in Barberton 1889 - 1894 thus dating the above photo with some accuracy. 

Ebenezer Edmund Caney and William Laws Caney were brothers of the Benjamin William Caney who had a watchmaker's and jeweller's at West St, Durban in 1860.  By 1872 (probably before) Benjamin is listed in the Natal Almanac as 'jeweller and photographer, Central West St, Durban'.  

1887 - 1891 'B W and Co' are at 15 Church St, Pietermaritzburg. Under the same name they are at Pritchard St, Pretoria 1888 -1891.

Benjamin's sons William Harry and Augustin Watts Caney were both photographers; as mentioned above William Harry was in Barberton 1889 -1894.

William Laws Caney, Benjamin's brother, worked in Durban but in 1872 was operating a studio in Kimberley (the town then known as New Rush was renamed 5 June 1873). From 1883 William Laws was in Durban for about 10 years advertising 'the best lighted and most convenient cabinet portraits available from 1 pound per dozen'. After this he moved to Pietermaritzburg and in 1909 was at 208 Church St in that town.

Ebenezer Edmund Caney was at 197 Smith St and 52 Point Rd Durban in 1904. By 1909 E E Caney and Co are listed at 59 Madeline Rd, Durban.

Benjamin William died in 1895, Ebenezer Edmund in 1910 and Augustin Watts in 1964.

William Laws Caney was the father of William Grogan Caney, born 1878 London, who studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and later became well-known in Durban musical circles. I remember him well attending the Symphony Concerts in Durban's City Hall. He died in 1967.

Acknowledgement for photo of Barberton: Sheryn Nader 

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