Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Costume in Natal: the Christadelphians


Christadelphians - Lafnie's Drift (De Jager's Drift), Natal : 1895/1896
Back Row : 1 Bro Sigvart Larsen, 2 Bro Milner, 3 Bro E Milner, 4 Bro C Milner, 5 Bro Dogoya Libisi
Front Row : Sis Lafnie, Bro Lafnie, Bro Milner, Sis Milner, Sis van Rooyen

(Note by Angel Sivert Larsen dated 27/3/1963 - eldest son of Sigvart Larsen - gives the source of the above information as "Christadelphian page 140 March 1906".

Acknowledgement: David Larsen. For more information see

The Christadelphian movement was founded by John Thomas (1805-71), in the USA in 1848. Thomas was a doctor who had been born in London but emigrated to the USA in 1832, partly because he thought that English society was 'priest-ridden'.

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