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June 2 - Departure 
Melrose CSS London. Rose. Cape Ports

Mr Young, Rev F Mason, Miss Mason, Masters HC and CR Mason, Miss Lake, Miss Henderson, Messrs W. J(?) Phelan, James Carson, Mrs Sharland and 3 children, Messrs Baynes, Pritchard, Flux, Hesse, Butler, Mrs and Miss Wylde, Mrs D McDonald, Messrs Hathorn, J Boyde and H Dexter, Miss Blakie, Mrs Blaikie, Mrs KH Hathorn, Master J Tanner, Mr and Mrs Brunner, Mr and Mrs M Bennett, Capt Deeves, Miss Wheeler, Mrs J Randles, Masters W and C Randles, Miss Marie Chapon, Mrs (?) May, Messrs W Bailey, AC Vimpany, W Sandstrom
June 4 - Arrival
The Pembroke Castle

Mr, Mrs and Misses (4) Watson, Mr and Mrs Evans, Messrs Cairns, Lumsden, Miss McCauley
June 3 - Arrival
Duart Castle CSS London. Freebody, Mauritius

Sergts W Johnson and H Wintrum, Corporals W Gillespie, G Trimble and J McFadden, Messrs JL Poulet, P Comry, J Werman, J Edwards, T Christie, Mr and Mrs Lamey, Mr P Nicholson, Mr CE Degeners, Lord Bishop Royston of Mauritius, Mrs, Misses (3) and Master Royston, Mr and Mrs Alfred Bull, Miss Bull, Mr Justice Williams, Mrs Williams and nurse, Miss and Master Williams
June 8 - Arrival
Taymouth Castle CSS London. Rigby. Cape Ports

ex Pembroke Castle from England
Mr, Mrs and Misses (4) Watson, Mr John Cairns, Mr and Mrs Evans and child, Messrs A Hock and W Lumsden, Master J A Johnstone, Millar, Shepstone, P and F Strachan, Mr J Henry, Mr and Miss Hardy, Mr G Barrack, Master Beningfield, Miss Henderson, Miss Joiner, Messrs Buttery, Drake, Sanson, Barber, Miss Williams, Mrs Chubb and Child, Messrs F Ardoin, F Bower, Miss Ruth, Master J Otto, Mr George Milne, Mr Curnow
June 8 - Departure
Taymouth Castle CSS London. Rigby. For Mauritius

Mr S Watts, Sulliman, Mossajee, Rasol, Bibi, Blanabhoy, Ausabibi, Abdullah, Mahomed
For Madagascar
Rev and Mrs Selmer and 2 children
June 9 Arrival 
Mrs and Misses (2) Davies, Mr Mrs and Master Clark and maid, Mrs Dyer and infant, Messrs Willemse and Derks
June 9 - Arrival
Lion SS London. Haelstrom from Delagoa Bay

Messrs A Rowan and T Bruce
June 10 - Arrival
Courland CSS London. Rendall. Cape Ports

ex Pembroke Castle from England
Misses Shiphard, Messrs R Tailyour, S Brook, H Forbes, Mrs SC Smith, Messrs GW Bedford, J Studart, Mr and Mrs Nott and 6 children, Mr J Lanzinger, Mr R Gossip, Mr Preuer, Consul and Mrs O'Neill and maid, Mr Herman, Kaisser, Mr Egas, Moniz, Casllo, Messrs Abraaches, Garcia, G D'Oliveira, J Serrans, Benio D'Oliveira, Antonio, Maria, Jack, Mr Greenwood
June 12 Arrival
Dunkeld CSS London. Warden. From Mozambique

Mr Oetman, Mr S Amod, Rev and Mrs Kelly, Weisjenban, Mr Cullingworth, Herman, Mr Atmand, Mr Lundberg, Mr Asgwane, Mr Samiel
June 12 - Arrival
Raleigh HMS Flagship

24 Gens. Read Admiral Sir Walter J Hunt-Grubbe K.C.B. Capt AH Wilson
June 11 - Departure
Courland CSS London. Rendall. East Coast Ports

Mrs McIntosh, Mrs Rose and child, Mr and Mrs Lelson, Mrs Potglase, PK Dickinson, RL Dickinson, McAdam, Owen Tod, Kretzshmar, W Wilson, C Forsyth, J Jacobs, Tasste, B Jacobs, T Wall, F Holderness, W Boly, Thomas Tooley, R Grantham, Dunne, Magwire, Ramsay Macnar, Mr Graham Painter, W Lovemore, E Renny, Tailyour, Llewellyn, Mr Paulet, Messrs CJ Ingman, James Roy, John Roberts, Right Rev Abbot Franz, Mahomed Doujee and Isop Tameyer, Mr F Holden
June 15 - Arrival
Sir Evelyn Wood. Natal. Jones. Port St Johns

Sergt Boyce and Mr Rutherford
June 17 - Arrival
Wilhelmine Rostock, Schohl, Adelaide

Mrs Martin, Messrs E Dinkier, W Hatchard, S Hollis, G Roberts, T Jennings, JR Joy, B Eliassen, E Eliassen, D Neal, H Martin, RA Williams, T Corbett, J Burke, GA Meyer, A Ferguson, HJ Griffin, M Morgan, Mr and Mrs G Martin, Mr and Mrs S J May
June 17 - Arrival
Asiatic USS Southampton. Leigh. Cape Ports

ex Mexican from England 21st May - Duplication of this passenger list, but added again as more names appear each time -
Mr and Misses (2) Davies, Mr and Mrs Douglas Clark, Master Clark, Mrs Clark's maid, Mrs Dyer and infant, Mr Williams, Mr Dirks, Mr and Mrs Goldie, Col Phillips, Dr Faught, Mr Hathorn, Mrs Marshall, Mr and Mrs Hampson and 5 children, Mr Moor, Mrs Hampsons maid, Mr Skinner, Mr Peach Ramath, Mrs Duncan, Mr Mussman, Mr Godfrey
June 17 - Arrival
Granville SS London. Cairns. London via Cape Ports

Messrs Levin and F Alexander
June 18 - Arrival
Drummond Castle

Capt Robertson (6th Dragoons) Lieut Richardson, Mrs Heugh, Mr and Mrs Collins, Misses (2) Mathews, Mr, Mrs and Miss Phoenix, Miss Downie, Messrs Thomson, Kirvan and 52 drafts for the 6th Dragoons
June 22 - Arrival
Melrose. East London

Messrs Chiazzari, Wood, Mrs Heugh, Misses Wood (2)
June 22
Notice of a death on board the Pembroke Castle shorly after leaving Algoa Bay
Mr Boston
June 22 - Arrival
Melrose CSS London. Rose. Cape Ports

ex Drummond Castle from England May 28th
Mrs Heugh, Messrs Couvaly and Kalychurn, Misses (2) and Master C Wood. Mrs Chazzari, Rev and Mrs Foggett, Messrs Green, Blackwood and Salt Warcher
June 21 Arrival
The Tartar. Cape Town

Messrs Payne, Mahn, Martin and Carnegie
June 25 - Departure
Lon SS London. Haelstrom. Delagoa Bay

Messrs F Warton, WH Caldicott, JW Watts, WR Taylor, J Mudie, PD Crewe, FF Churchill, V Raucken, Wallensteen, Clayton, Knott, W Goodman, EA Lowe, HC Williams, A Chandley, Duncan, G Boggie, G Dugnay, B Marta, W Fowler, McKenzie, T Gourley, M Yuth, Mrs Taylor, Miss Fitzsimmons
June 18 - Departure
Raleigh HMS Flagship 24 Guns

Rear Admiral Sir W J Hunt-Grubbe KCB
June 26 - Arrival
Drummond Castle CSS London. Jeffries. England Cape Ports

Capt Robertsobn, Lieut Richardson, Misses Mathew (2) Mr
Mrs Collins, Mr, Mrs
Miss Phoenix, Mr AD Thomson, Mr Kirwan, Miss Downie and 53 soldiers, Mr Herman, Mr Beningfield, Messrs Cohen and Reising, Mr FA Learmouth, and Dr. Holding
June 28 - Arrival
Somtseu SS London. Le Clerq. From Delagoa Bay

Messrs G Kannemeyer, J Gehen. J Mac, H Dressington, W Burns, C Carpenter, Crowe, J Schwab, J McNeil

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