Friday, September 22, 2017

Elandslaagte memorials at Nambiti Game Reserve

The charge: Battle of Elandslaagte

At Nambiti Private Game Reserve the northern gate is appropriately known as Memorial Gate. Nearby, memorials to both British and Boer soldiers who fell in the Battle of Elandslaagte, 21 October 1899, can be found. 

Elandslaagte was a defeat for the Boers following a brutal cavalry charge by the British, where lances were used against the enemy. Boer prisoners were taken and marched through the streets of Ladysmith, which town was soon to be under siege from 2 November 1899 to 27 February 1900.

Memorials at Nambiti are featured below, including to the Gordon Highlanders killed at Elandslaagte and to the 1st Btn Manchester Regiment.

Photos by E and S Dixon-Smith

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