Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gadsden/Hamilton wedding, Durban, 1939

Gadsden/Hamilton wedding, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Durban, 20 May 1939.
Front row: Ann Hamilton, Bill (William Bell) Gadsden, Cathrine Gibson Gadsden nee Hamilton, Joan MacInnes. Second row: Bill (William Finley) Hamilton, Annie Hamilton nee Gibson, Maud Gadsden nee Swires, Rex O'Halloran (best man). Back row: Joe Hamilton, Sime (Sydney Bartle) Gadsden.

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Unknown said...

Gadsden/Hamilton wedding looks great. I would love watching more photos. Do you have any? The vintage style is stunning so we had a gorgeous vintage themed wedding party at one of our favorite historical Seattle Wedding venues. It turned out to be a classy reception party.