Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Waratah breakthrough!

If you are a Waratah watcher see Andrew van Rensburg's latest blogpost for some astounding news:



Dear Mole. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm regarding the post on the possible location of the Waratah wreck. The coordinates quoted by Captain Bruce of the Harlow place the last sighted position of the large steamer (Waratah), abeam of Peonskop / Nkadusweni River mouth and not Cape Hermes as was previously thought. However, the new coordinates position is significantly out to sea and the post is misleading by suggesting that the wreck could lie in the river mouth. I apologise if this has confused readers and corrections have been made to the post. Confirmation of a wreck in this vicinity depends on side-scan investigations of the waters off Poenskop. Until such time as a wreck matching the dimensions and description of the Waratah is found, the mystery remains alive. Sincerely best wishes, Andrew

Mole said...

Andrew, we need the mystery. It is always better to travel hopefully than to arrive.