Sunday, February 15, 2015

Navigating Mole's Genealogy Blog

I note from time to time that blog visitors aren't getting the most out of the search facility on my blog.

For example, someone has entered 'deceased estates sa online archives', This will not bring up any helpful hits on the blog. Try going to the tab 'Beginners Guide' where there is a detailed explanation of estate files as well as Death Notice and Death Certificate. There are also single posts which should come up if 'deceased estates' only is entered in the search facility.  In any case, if you are just starting out on SA ancestry, the Beginners Guide is a pretty good place to begin.

Make sure the topic you are looking for is correctly spelled, otherwise the search facility won't be able to help you - it isn't that clever! e.g. if looking for the ship Dudbrook, entering Dodbrook or Dubrook will blow the search facility's little furry mind.

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