Sunday, December 14, 2014

New book on SS Waratah

South African author Andrew van Rensburg’s new volume Waratah Revisited: The True Story of a Ship's Mysterious Disappearance is now available online through Amazon.

From the book jacket:

Waratah mystery solved!
'The crowds dispersed slowly as the new ship
disappeared around a bend in the river. For most,
this would be their last view of a ship destined to
vanish into history'.
'Sawyer’s ticket was booked through to Cape
Town, but nothing could induce him stay on the
Waratah a moment longer'.
'Late into the night and overwhelmed with
frustration McLaughlin ranted about setting fire
to the Waratah'.
'There was no other explanation for the
unyielding advance of the large steamer'.
'Something of great significance was unfolding
off the Wild Coast'.
'Circumstances on the Waratah had taken a turn
for the worse within the last few hours and the
great liner trembled and rolled’
'The Waratah and her souls were abandoned at

The author gets right down to the nitty-gritty offering various theories - including his own - for the Waratah’s hitherto inexplicable disappearance. Contemporary material such as the Board of Trade Inquiry as well as more recent data are presented and compared.

If you are a Waratah Watcher you can’t do better than buy a copy for Christmas.

Copies will also be on sale soon at Adams bookstore, Durban..

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