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Passengers to Natal per Globe 1850

Natal Witness 13 September 1850
This vessel, after a fast passage of 76 days from London, was apparently able to enter the harbour immediately rather than anchoring outside in the roadstead.

The report in the Natal Witness September 13 1850 mentions that she carried 'Messrs JC Byrne and Co's large iron hotel' among her other cargo. Packed into crates, the corrugated iron sheets were intended to provide an 'instant' 22-room structure, another of Byrne's brilliant but ill-fated notions. Moreland, through shortage of money, was forced to offer the materials for sale to the Government but this idea came to nought and eventually the hotel, never assembled, formed part of the assets auctioned off in Byrne's insolvent estate.

Among the passengers was Charles BARTER (incorrectly given in the Witness as BARBER), later author of 'The Dorp and the Veld', 1852. Robert BABBS became a pioneer sugar farmer. Daniel WASHBOURNE brought with him the tools required for erecting Byrne's hotel, and was for a time employed by Moreland as a clerk and tutor to the latter's children. Robert DAWNEY became the successful owner of a Pietermaritzburg pharmacy, and a fellow passenger, CHALLINOR, also prospered as a chemist.


September 4th - The schooner Henry Warburton, 152 tons, from Liverpool, Captain P.W. Pentin. To come into the Harbour the first fair wind. Ten cabin passengers, and general cargo.

Mr Holden Splatt 
Mr James West, senior 
Mr James West, junior 
Mr Henry West 
Mr Richard Houston and lady 
Mr Wm. Booth, and man servant 
Mr Frank Eastwood 
Mr Henry Eastwood 
Mr Edward Parke Lamport, Agent.

September 6th - Hannah, schooner, G. Wetherall, from Cape Town.

September 7th - The barque Globe, 332 tons, Capt. John Liddell, came in without having anchored outside. Sailed from London on the 23rd of June. She contains Messrs J.C. Byrne and Co's large iron hotel, and general cargo.

The following is a list of the passengers:

Charles Barber (Barter) 
Richard Lawton 
Daniel Washbourne 
Henry J White and lady 
James Handley 
Henry Green 
Wm M Ravden (Rawden) 
HJ Leuchars 
Alfred George 
Robert Robertson and son Henry 
Wm Chutre (Chuter) 
John Gavin 
Wm Lewis 
GJ Challinor, lady and child 
Robert Babbs and lady 
Robert Dawney 
EP Lamport, Agent

The Sandwich, for Re-Union, with Cattle. 
The Fabberty, for Mauritius, with Cattle. 
The Rosebud, for Cape.

Sarah Bell, Hannah, Globe, Flora, and Henry Warburton.

From London 
Diamond, Toronto, Highland Maid, Nile and Justina.

From Hull 
Palace, Haidee, and a Schooner.

From Liverpool 

From Launceston 
Lalla Rookh

From Cape Town 
Water Witch

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