Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wreck of the Jane Davies Follow-up

It's always good to hear from a descendant whose ancestor has been mentioned in this blog. [See post on Wed June 16 2010 for the original story.]

Re the wreck of the ship Jane Davies, and her master, Philip Le Gallais, Mark Woods writes:
We were told that our ancestor, Captain Philip Le Gallais, had been shipwrecked off of Madagascar ...
Philip Le Gallais was originally from Jersey and his wife, Mary Ann Durbin was from Clevedon, Somerset. Philip died in 1877 at the Workhouse in Long Ashton, England with cause of death as “Injury to Brain & Spine. Dropsy”. These may have been the injuries referred to in this account (i.e. the newspaper report as seen in the blog post). My great grandmother was born in Bristol in 1873, so was not the child that it appeared Mrs. Le Gallais was about to have. I have no record of who the two year old child would have been. However, the records of 4 children between 1859 and 1865 were all from British records and some more children may have been born overseas.

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