Sunday, January 31, 2010

An ancestor in the SA Constabulary?

On NAAIRS the source code SAC refers to the South African Constabulary, a semi-military force established in 1900. Many British men then serving in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer War were recruited for this unit.

Should you find a reference to your forebear's Record of Conduct and Service,his documents are likely to include a detailed description of his appearance, his date and place of birth, his marital status, his religion, his civilian occupation, the name and address of his next of kin, his date and place of attestation (when he joined the SAC) and discharge (when he left the SAC and why) mention of any medals awarded and comments on his character and behaviour.

Be prepared to see your ancestor warts and all: his defaulter's sheet might show that he absented himself from duty without permission, created a disturbance in camp when under the influence of drink, disobeyed orders by gambling or indulging in other forms of 'irregular conduct' such as entertaining a lady in his tent.

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